4 Camera Launch to Lower Atmosphere

Originally shot for the promo video we made for Space Tech Expo 2012 with 4 Go Pro Cameras
We set the lift off from the Island next to London Bridge on Lake Havasu which is one of the few lakes that has a river running through it, the mighty Colorado. The flight time to 110,000 feet lasted about 2.5 hours, until the helium balloon popped and it descended downward with gps and a parachute slowing its fall. The recording time lasted about 2:14 hrs. It took about 45 minutes to get back down to earth. I lost gps tracking at about 60,000 feet and would not pick up its signal again until it fell below 60,000 ft and by then the winds had taken it many miles away… By the end I had to travel about 130 miles away to retrieve the camera rig… I did NOT find it the first day of my adventure, so after hiking about fourteen miles in and part way off the private land, I was picked up by my buddy Dustin and Julie, Tux and Elvis (faithful companions) who managed to get my truck onto the property to save me the entire hike back out. Thank you Dustin and Julie. My legs were jello by that point, and darkness was falling, as was my sanity. Mountain lion, elk, deer, cow, horse, and snake prints were signs that I was not alone out there… That first day of knowledge helped immensely for the following day, with access and permission to enter the private ranch land, we found the camera rig after only a few mile hike after the drive into the harsh Arizona back country. We rejoiced, so with out further adieu, here is the 2.14 hr footage, sped up of course.
Direction, Camera, and Editing: Jordan Dawes Music: Courtesy of William West Frustration point parachute wrangling: Julie Eager and Dustin Otterbach Emotional support: Tux and Elvis