‘Plug In’ MTV Promo

I animated and experimented with this promo I shot for MTV. Kind of a social mirror to what I see happening in the world based off our growing dependence and connectivity to electronic and visual communication.

Shot on 35mm film, I took the negative, made a positive, then edited on a KEM and then manipulated the final cut with a chemical burn and animated the electronic flavor with a safety pin, etching into the layers of emulsion within each of the frames.

For the art direction I created a hole in the dirt with a basketball, then poured in plaster and let it dry. Flipping it over I then carved the plaster to make a brain form and then painted many layers of liquid latex to form the ‘Brain’ mask you see here. After we made several, I painted it to the final look you see here. Then we took two balloons attached them two pieces of surgical tubing and ran them down the back of the character you see here. Two people could then sequentially blow into each balloon to make the side of the brain ‘breathe’. We did the same effect for the animal cage to make the animal move. The makeup and ‘art face’ devices were created from found objects and manipulated to look menacing and provocative.

Music By Andy Hay