Jordan Dawes was born in Islington, England and raised in and around London. When he was eight years old, Jordan entered his first art competition and won a bright yellow peddle car, with an engine that could be flipped up to transport his cookies.

After graduating university, Jordan moved to Wilmington, NC to work in the film industry and landed his first job on a TV show days after moving there. Jordan then co-founded a production company (Twinkle Doon) to produce commercials, music videos and short films. Soon after, Twinkle Doon collectively, launched the successful and long running, Cucalorus Film Festival.

Jordan has been a member of the Motion Picture Film Editor’s union, worked on numerous high profile feature films including Bad Boys, Lolita, Message in a Bottle, and Men In Black 2, and has also developed a line of furniture and a brand of products of which he holds several patents and trademarks.

Always creative and constantly producing, inventing and designing, Jordan has developed a unique approach to film and photography. He launched QuickBlink Films, an artistic photography, film and media company that represents Jordan’s unique visual style.